Quality custom tailored shirts, that fit perfectly.

Handmade unique to every customer. Your design, shape, size & fit.

Your design, your fit

Our shirts are completely bespoke, so the design options are limitless. We custom-create your vision, from the overall style and cut right down to the finer details such as buttons, pockets, cuffs, contrast and monograms. Because it’s designed for your size — it fits perfectly.

Tech innovation matched by exceptional craftsmanship.

We’ve spent years building tech designed to nail the perfect fit - just as much time, care and energy has been poured into sourcing the finest materials from world-renowned mills, and using time-tested tailoring techniques to perfect our craft.

Our preferred fabric mills

  • Hand Crafted

    All our shirts are cut and made at the hands of skilled tailors. Nothing can replace the human touch.

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  • Fit Guaranteed

    If we don't get it right the first time, we'll do everything we can until we do, or we’ll refund you.

    Our satisfaction guarantee

    After we’ve handmade your order & tested to perfection, we’ll ship directly to you.

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Their words, not ours.

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